Sexy New Hyper Touch Guitar

These are shots of the prototypes of Max Battaglia’s prototype Hyper Touch Guitar:

Introducing the Hyper Touch Guitar. From the mind of Max Battaglia at Givingshape Design Studio, this unorthodox design replaces strings with a multi-touch screen, allowing the user to adjust the number of “strings” and frets, as well as tuning and sound effects. A wireless command center that permits endless customization and infinite possibilities of expression.

Unfortunately, the Hyper Touch Guitar is just a design concept at this point. Looks pretty cool, though!

Steve Vai Sets Guinness World Record For Largest Online Guitar Lesson

Steve Vai has set the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Online Guitar Lesson.

The record is in recognition of a March 3rd online event, sponsored by BerkleeMusic. Close to 7,000 guitarists participated.

via Steve Vai

Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer Review

Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer

PremierGuitar has an interesting review of the new Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer.

The verdict?

The GR-55 is a deceptively simple looking pedal that has a great deal of depth to it.

Overall, the sound quality of the synth voices, COSM guitars, and various effects is excellent. I appreciated the clarity of all of the sounds. And although I beefed up a number of patches using the onboard EQ to have more bass and punch, those adjustments were fast and easy. Keeping a guitar synth affordable typically requires a lot of design compromises. But the Roland is still a very powerful unit. And without question, it is the best tracking guitar synthesizer that I have ever played.

The ability to blend COSM guitars with synths is inspirational, and this pedal could open the door to new creative options for guitarists of any style. Indeed guitar players interested in increasing their tonal palette in a big way may find that the GR-55 alone can do far more for them than a rack of regular stomp boxes or multi-effects.

The GR-55 combines two banks of 910 synth voices with Roland’s COSM models and the ability to mix in dry signal. At about $700 street price, the new Roland GR-55 guitar synth looks like the best guitar synth deal in town.

See the full review at PremierGuitar.

If you’ve tried out the Roland GR-55 guitar synth, let me know what you think of it!

Foo Fighters – Rope

New music from The Foo FightersRope.

Robert Randolph On The Moog Guitar

Robert Randolph, pedal steel virtuoso of Robert Randolph & the Family Band, gives the Moog Lap Steel a try.

The Moog Lap Steel combines award-winning Moog Guitar technology with the unique expressive capabilities of the Lap Steel guitar. All the innovations of The Moog Guitar; Full Sustain, Controlled Sustain and Mute modes, Harmonic Blends and the onboard Moog Ladder Filter are seamlessly integrated to enhance new and traditional playing techniques.

Nintendo NES Guitar

This is a quick demo of the bizarre Nintendo NES Guitar.

The Nintendo Guitar is made by The signal is routed through the LoFi Fuzz into a portable amp. The Power button on the NES body is connected to a tone capacitor ( cuts the high end ), the low-end signal is processed more distorted/fuzz like.

Electro-Harmonix Effectology – Use Your Guitar As A String Synthesizer

The latest episode of Bill Ruppert’s Electro-Harmonix Effectology series looks at how to turn you guitar into a string synth and tin whistle using effects pedals.

See the EHX site for pedal settings.

Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer Now Available

Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer

Roland has released the GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer, the company’s latest guitar synth.

Combining PCM synthesis with digital instrument modeling from the VG-99 V-Guitar System, the GR-55 represents Roland’s latest advances in guitar synthesis.

Here’s a demo of the Roland GR-55 guitar synth in action: Continue reading Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer Now Available

World’s First Bass Guitar Amp For iPhone

PocketGK is a $4.99 bass guitar amp application for the iPhone and iPad, designed for practicing with your iTunes music.

Key Features:

  • Built-in iPod music player with instant access to iTunes music, no file imports or transfers required
  • Gate Induced Valve Effect simulation
  • GK Product Catalog in your pocket
  • universal full screen support
  • easy and fun to use with simple navigation
  • low latency DSP processing, with very short delay

PocketGK is designed in partnership with Gallien-Krueger Corporation using GK’s voicing filters and four band active EQ.

Other Features:

  • Normal and Boost G.I.V.E. settings
  • Contour, Boost, Horn, and Master Amp Controls
  • Treble, Hi-Mid, Lo-Mid, and Bass EQ
  • Adjustable Noise Gate
  • unlimited named presets
  • iTunes music play along

System Requirements:

  • iOS 3.2 or later
  • iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPod touch 2nd gen or later, or iPad
  • Guitar instrument adapter

Eventide Space Reverb Pedal Now Shipping

Eventide Space – the company’s new reverb effects pedal – is now shipping. Space can create a variety of spatial effects, including basic reverbs, delays and unique combination effects.

Space features 12 reverb combination effects:

  • Room
  • Plate
  • Spring
  • Hall
  • Reverse
  • Shimmer
  • ModEchoVerb
  • DualVerb
  • Blackhole
  • MangledVerb
  • TremoloVerb
  • DynaVerb

It’s demonstrated here by sound designer Richard Devine.

Continue reading Eventide Space Reverb Pedal Now Shipping