Little Big Muff Demo

This is a quick demo of the Little Big Muff pedal from Electro-Harmonix.

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EHX Ring Thing Demo

EHX Ring Thing demo by Joshua Craig of The Alien Blakk, including settings.

Guitarist, producer, composer and author, Joshua Craig, shows the heavier side of the Ring Thing Single Sideband Modulator.

Line 6 Shipping Pod HD Desktop Multi-Effect

Line 6 Pod HD


Line 6 is now shipping the POD HD desktop multi-effect,

“POD HD features over 100 M-class guitar effects and ins and outs that are perfect for any project studio,” says Line 6’s Michael Murphy.

POD HD features all 22 of the new Line 6 HD amp models. The models offer a wide range of tones from sparkling cleans to mid-gain crunch to full-bodied, high-gain distortion

The models are based on famous modern and vintage amps including Fender Twin Reverb, Hiwatt Custom 100, Supro S6616, Gibson EH-185, Divided by 13 JRT 9/15, Dr. Z Route 66, Vox AC-30 (Top Boost), Marshall JTM-45 MkII, Park 75, Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier, ENGL Fireball 100 and more.

Fully adjustable guitar preamp, power amp, speaker cab and mic preamp models are featured in POD HD as well as over 100 M-class effects featuring choruses, reverbs, delays and more. Up to eight effects can be run simultaneously and in any order.

The display shows quick, at-a-glance review of the entire signal chain. All parameters of all models are edited directly from the homepage.

POD HD features a 1/4-inch guitar input, stereo 1/4-inch balanced outs, USB 2.0, S/PDIF out, 1/4-inch headphone jack, an XLR mic input and an FBV jack for connection to a Line 6 foot controller.

The Line 6 Pod HD retails for about $400.

The TunerMatic Robotic Guitar Tuner – Is Guitar Tuning Really That Hard?

The TunerMatic is the lastest in the StringMaster line of Robotic guitar tuners

The TunerMatic automatically turns your guitar pegs to tune your guitar. According to the developers, “It is the only guitar tuner that tunes the guitar for you.”

Sounds pretty cool, but the promo video left me thinking – is tuning a guitar that difficult?

Antares ATG-6, Auto-Tune for Guitar, Has The Power Of 500 Super-Computers

Here’s an overview and demo of Antares ATG-6, aka Auto-Tune For Guitar.

The Antares ATG-6 is a proof of concept at this point, not a shipping product – also known as a $90 guitar with $40,000 of technology in it.

Antares Bringing Auto-Tune To Your Guitar WIth ATG-6

auto-tune your guitarAntares has announced ATG-6, aka Auto-Tune for your guitar.

Here’s what they have to say about it?

In the years since its introduction, Antares Auto-Tune has literally revolutionized the process of vocal production. And now, with our new ATG-6™ guitar technology, we’re doing the same for guitar.

ATG-6 is a DSP-based suite of functions that offer everything you’ve always wanted from a guitar, along with capabilities you never imagined possible. From flawless intonation to astonishing tonal flexibility to alternate tunings that open up entirely new areas of inspiration and creativity, ATG-6 technology seriously expands the flexibility and range of the electric guitar while letting you continue to play your own way.

Using our new Solid-Tune Intonation system, an ATG-6 equipped guitar constantly monitors the precise pitch of each individual string and makes any corrections necessary to ensure that every note of every chord and riff is always in tune, regardless of variables like finger position or pressure or physical limitations of the instrument. As a result, listening to a guitar with Solid-Tune is a revelation, offering a purity of intonation that has simply never before been possible.

Of course, Solid-Tune is smart enough to know when you want to manipulate pitch, so you can play bends and vibrato exactly as you always do. In fact, Solid-Tune Intonation makes it even easier to bend to the right pitch every time.

What do you think of the idea of Auto-Tune for your guitar?


Who Needs Synthesizers? Classic Pink Floyd Synth Sounds Recreated With Guitar Effects Pedals

Effect guru Bill Ruppert demonstrates the possibilities of effects pedals by recreating the electronic sounds of Pink Floyd’s Welcome To The Machine, using just a regular guitar and EHX effect pedals!

No keyboards, samplers or midi pickups were used. Continue reading Who Needs Synthesizers? Classic Pink Floyd Synth Sounds Recreated With Guitar Effects Pedals

Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man Jam

Zach Schimpf – Mississippi River

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Original song played live in my basement. Instruments: epiphone casino, blackheart 15w, ehx stereo memory man with hazarai