M3i Technologies’ Laser Guitar

This video captures a demo from the 2011 Summer NAMM Show of a guitar from M3i Technologies that features Laser Pitch Detection (LPD) and Pressure Sensing Coating. Continue reading M3i Technologies’ Laser Guitar

DigiTech iPB-10 iPad Pedalboard First Look


Here’s a first look at the new DigiTech iPB-10 iPad pedalboard.

The emphasis in this video is on the iPad editing, rather than how the pedalboard sounds – but that probably makes sense, given the novelty of the iPad interface.

via soaresgiu1

Organ Sounds On Steel Guitar (EHX Pog 2)


This video, via steelguitar3, demonstrates using the Electro Harmonix Pog 2 Octave Generator, B-3 Organ setting.

Technical details: 1956 Fender Stringmaster non-pedal steel guitar, with C6 tuning.

Digitech iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard (iPad Guitar Effects Pedal)

This is a short intro video for Digitech’s iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard – an iPad guitar effects pedal.

The Digitech iPB-10 retails for about $500.  Continue reading Digitech iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard (iPad Guitar Effects Pedal)

Electro Harmonix Nano Metal Muff Review


This is a review of the Electro Harmonix Nano Metal Muff, aka instant metal in a box.

via JimStudios

Paranormal Guitar Effects (Electro-Harmonix Effectology)

The latest episode of Bill Ruppert’s excellent Electro-Harmonix Effectology series, Paranormal Guitar, takes a look at creating ‘impossible effects’, using just a standard guitar and EHX pedals.

Settings for each of the sounds is available at the EXH forum.

Misa Kitara Guitar Synth Jam Session

This is a guitar synth jam on the Misa Kitara:

Check out Yoshiaki kicking in with Kitara, which was delivered to him only 2 weeks ago for beta testing. We like. 🙂

via misadigital

Line 6 Pod HD Desktop Guitar Effects (Review)

Here’s a quick review, via sonicstate, of the Line 6 Pod HD desktop effects processor:

Another Pod featuring the new HD Amp models from Line 6. 22 amps, 22 preamps, 16 cabs, 8 mics and 100+ stomps.