Moog Guitar + Eventide H9

This video offers a quick look at some of the many possibilities when using an Eventide H9 with the Moog Guitar.

Additional echo and other delay effects from Ableton Live Suite.

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Line 6 Sonic Port – Recording In Garageband

This video takes a look at using the Line 6 Sonic Port to record guitar into Garageband.

via Line 6 Movies:

Sonic Port gives you best-in-class audio quality and inspiring guitar tones on your iOS device. You can jam with the tones of your favorite artists, connect keyboards and speakers to create your mobile recording studio, or plug into your amp and play live. It’s perfect for GarageBand, Jammit, Line 6 Mobile POD and other CoreAudio apps.


Bizarre Talking Machine Guitar Jam

This video captures a bizarre EXH Talking Machine guitar jam.

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Bach – Air On G String On Guitar

Here’s a version of Bach’s Air On G String on Guitar (electric and acoustic), with mucho shredding.

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Slash in the Studio

These are the first to parts of a new video series, Slash In The Studio, that takes a look at Slash working on his latest album.

Slash opened up his recording studio, allowing unprecedented access into the mind and music of one of our guitar legends.

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Paranormal Guitar Effects (Electro-Harmonix Effectology)

The latest episode of Bill Ruppert’s excellent Electro-Harmonix Effectology series, Paranormal Guitar, takes a look at creating ‘impossible effects’, using just a standard guitar and EHX pedals.

Settings for each of the sounds is available at the EXH forum.

DIY Talk Box For Bass

This video demonstrates how to make a DIY talk box for bass guitar.

Not the coolest looking effect to use, unless you’re into guys fellating microphones – but it does sound pretty cool.

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In Depth Look At the Moog Guitar

Cyryl Lance, lead designer at Moog Music, demonstrates some advanced effects that you can achieve with the Moog Guitar.

Some crazy stuff!

Video from Sonic State from Musikmesse 2011.

Steve Vai Sets Guinness World Record For Largest Online Guitar Lesson

Steve Vai has set the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Online Guitar Lesson.

The record is in recognition of a March 3rd online event, sponsored by BerkleeMusic. Close to 7,000 guitarists participated.

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Foo Fighters – Rope

New music from The Foo FightersRope.