Eddie Van Halen Tapping Lesson

Eddie Van Halen tapping lesson

via shredguybstring:

Tapping time! The second One-on-one Masterclass lesson! This time we will look at tapping à la Eddie Van Halen/Randy Rhoads/Kirk Hammett. Tapping has to be one of the most popular techniques on the electric guitar – and why wouldn’t it be? It’s easy to play fast, easy to improvise with, looks very difficult – not to mention it sounds terrifyingly cool! If you feel your technique isn’t evolving as fast as you would like it to, you must give tapping shot. I have taught my beginner students this specific pattern – and they have come back after a week playing it perfectly. They also usually wonder why I have been telling them that mastering the guitar is a life long dedication – they learned to play fast over a week with tapping, didn’t they?! So the three step method of the lesson should hopefully get any beginner started with this flashy technique. Enough said, tapping is a versatile technique and it can be devloppped into extremely complexe high-tech patterns (Jennifer Batten, Steve Lynch etc.). In this lesson we will also look at a further elaboration of the standard tapping technique which allows the intermediate/advanced guitarist to create further evariations and improvisations. The full lesson is available at www.guitarmasterclass.net Good luck /Kristofer

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