Q & A Session 1

Q & A Session 1

via JustinSandercoe:

Want to ask me a question about guitar playing, guitars, amps, effects, recording, songwriting or what type of toothpaste i like, then ask here! Because lots of people ask about recording, I have answered some of the most common recording questions in this session too 🙂 And yes I screw up the numbers when I am talking about latency 🙂 This whole vid was just off the cuff!! But the principles are correct! This is a just a trial video to see if it works, if you guys come up with cool questions, if i can answer them, it is works I will try and make this a regular thing, every week or two. I’m planning to film the answers to these questions in about a weeks time – so don’t hang about – get in there and ask what you like!! 🙂

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