BOSS Harmonist HR-2 harmonizer pedal demo

BOSS Harmonist HR-2 harmonizer pedal demo

via rednebb:

This is a demo of the BOSS Harmonist HR-2. It was produced from 1994 to 1999. I couldn’t find any demos of this pedal, so I decided to make one myself.. It was one of the first compact harmonizer pedals, and it can create two different harmonies up or down: -/+ 3,4,5,6 and OCT. You can select between all 12 different keys, and adjust the level for each voice individually. It can also create a “detune”/chorus effect. I’m using a “Y”-split cable to split my guitar signal to both the “Detector in” input on the HR-2, and my V-Stack BHM preamp pedal. Then the signal goes from the V-Stack to the HR-2’s normal input. The stereo output from the HR-2 goes straight into Cubase music software, with just a little reverb added in the mix. I’m giving you some examples here of what this pedal can do, more info on the video text.

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