Gibson Firebird X Guitar Will “Change The Music Industry”

Gibson has introduced a new guitar – the Firebird X Guitar – that the company says will “change the music industry forever.”

Gibson’s design goal for the Firebird X is to bring more creative options you while you’re playing.

To do this:

  • The user interface has become richer and simpler;
  • Fundamental musical effects are now available with a minimum of motion and disruption from playing the music;
  • The player is able to see what is happening with the guitar very easily, without disrupting his making music.


  • Very light, ultra comfortable and fast playing physical guitar
  • A turbo-charged Pure-Analog™ Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine with Goldtone FX™
  • Controlled by intuitive new guitar controls and wireless pedal controllers
  • A full package of Guitar Rig 4 and Gibson Ableton 8 Live software

The Firebird X has a suggested price of $5,570, and will be available on December 11, 2010.

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