Electro-Harmonix Effectology – Use Your Guitar As A String Synthesizer

The latest episode of Bill Ruppert’s Electro-Harmonix Effectology series looks at how to turn you guitar into a string synth and tin whistle using effects pedals.

See the EHX site for pedal settings.

Terrifying Guitar Pedal Effects (Electro-Harmonix Effectology)

Studio musician Bill Ruppert demonstrates how to create “terrifying” effects using just a guitar and Electro-Hamonix effect pedals.

EHX Pedals featured: Soul Preacher, Stereo Memory Man, MicroSynth, Cathedral, Tube EQ, Deluxe Memory Man, POG, POG2, Big Muff, Frequency Analyzer, HOG Signal Pad

For more information on these pedals and actual settings please vist the Electro- Harmonix Forum.

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EHX Effectology, Vol. 4: Hammond B-3 Organ


EHX Effectology, Vol. 4: Hammond B-3 Organ

via EHX:

www.ehx.com Visit EHX.com for user videos, our blog, community fourms, and lots more! Welcome to Electro-Harmonix’s “Effectology” series, in which we play a remarkable collection of EHX-assisted sounds, and explain how they were made. In today’s episode Bill Ruppert transforms his electric guitar into a classic Hammond B-3 organ (pedals used HOG and Soul Preacher). For more details on pedals and settings, please visit: www.ehx.com