MIDI Guitar Jam

Midi Guitar Jam (with Native Instruments FM8 and Ableton Live)

via WeakEndProductions:

I recently got Native Instruments FM8 software synth and I’ve been getting some good sounds for Midi Guitar with it. Using Ableton Live 6 I am able to load (and arm for recording) six instances of FM8. That way I can play the synth in a natural guitar-like manner. What I mean is that I can bend one string, sending a pitchbend message for one string (one midi channel) without that message bending the pitch of what’s happening on all the other strings. It seems to work rather well. I thought that it might be of interest to other midi guitarists.

Band Jams On Hacked ‘Guitar Hero’ Controllers

Band jams on hacked ‘Guitar Hero’ controllers

via CNETNews:

Using their expertise in audio software, the Guitar Zeros have manipulated Guitar Hero controllers to play synthesized sounds, and they’re ready to play at a venue near you. Hear how they did it and watch them perform.