Dave Mustaine’s Megadeth Guitar Tips

Dave Mustaine – Megadeth Guitar Tips to being Amazing

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Dave Mustaine of fomer Metallica and present front of Megadeth takes you through the common chords and riffs of many of your favorite Megadeth songs! From Killing is My Business…and Business is Good to Rust in Peace, from Countdown to Extiction to A World Needs a Hero, Mr. Mustaine would love to share these songs with you. Along with the songs, a short back story, a “hidden treasure” displayed for YOUR eyes only! Dave, you’ve done it…AGAIN!

Friedman Amplification Dirty Shirley & Naked Demos

LA Amp Show ’10 – Friedman Amplification Dirty Shirley & Naked Demos

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www.premierguitar.com PG’s Chris Kies is On Location at the 2010 LA Amp Show where he swings by the Friedman Amplification room. In this video segment, we get to check out Friedman’s Dirty Shirley and Naked heads. The Dirty Shirley sounds like Jimmy Page on the early Zeppelin records. Watch our video demo and decide just how accurate that statement is. The Dirty Shirley is a 6L6-based head with a tube rectifier. Friedman describes the amp as being loosely based on a JTM45 platform, but the amp does have a Gain control and Master Volume, too. In comparison to a lot of Friedman’s other popular amps (Naked, Brown Eye), the Dirty Shirley is a little more “classic” and has no switches and no effects loop—just great rockin’ tone. For more LA Amp Show 2010 videos or to view Premier Guitar’s COMPLETELY FREE digital edition magazine, be sure to visit http

Red Nose Day 2009 – Do Something Funny For Money


Red Nose Day 2009 – Do Something Funny For Money

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This is just me and my friend Dave doing something funny for money. To support Red Nose Day 2009 I have made a silly “Air Guitar” instruction video. Hope you had at least a little chuckle at me and Dave making idiots of ourselves… If you enjoyed it then please consider making a donation on my red nose page – all money goes directly to the charity… www.myrednoseday.com As part of supporting Red Nose Day I am running a little competition. To enter you need to make a video of you playing or teaching Air Guitar, and make sure ytou are wearing a red nose! You must also have made a donation to the red nose day at the link above. I will be checking out all the videos and giving out prizes to anyone that has done something really cool. See the web site for more information… www.justinguitar.com My brother in stupidity for this vid is my buddy Dave Marks, who teaches bass here on YouTube… go check him out, cool stuff… http ………..

Stefan Lessard of Dave Matthews Band

Stefan Lessard of Dave Matthews Band – Life as an Online Student

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Stefan talks his experience in Berkleemusic’s online courses.

George Lynch Guitar Lessons on Dave Navarro’s Spread TV


George Lynch Guitar Lessons on Dave Navarro’s Spread TV

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Dave Navarro is on Stage 5 for his guitar lessons from famous musicians. Tonight, he learns tapping from Lynch Mob guitarist George Lynch. For more Spread TV, visit www.maniatv.com