Electro-Harmonix Analogizer

Electro Harmonix has introduced the Analogizer, a new effect that is designed to ‘give you the sound and feel of an analog delay, without the long delay times.


  • From 0 to 26db of input gain
  • The Analogizer’s warmth can mask the harshness of the digital signal
  • Easy to balance for the right amount of analog
  • Punch in the analog signal with the footswitch
  • Use a 9V battery or a standard 9.6volt DC power supply

Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo Review

This is a review and demo of the Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo – a digital tape echo pedal with accurate modeling and features to help create the nuances of old Tape Echo units.

The El Capistan dTape Echo retails for $299.

Features below.  Continue reading Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo Review

The Moog Guitar, Moogerfoogers & Multi-Pedal

The Moog Guitar, Moogerfoogers & Multi-Pedal

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The Moog Guitar, Moogerfooger Effects Processors and the MP-201 Multi-Pedal combine to make a powerful guitar-based production and performance system. This video shows just a few of the infinite possibilitie with this set-up.


Three New Pedals From T-Rex Engineering

T-Rex, the Danish guitar effects pedal manufacturer, is introducing three new effects pedals at the 2011 NAMM Show.

Here’s what they have to say about the new pedals:

Reptile 2

Originally conceived to offer the killer delay tone and certain controls found on its ‘big brother’ Replica pedal at a more affordable price, the Reptile gets a facelift for 2011. It now features a convenient Tap Tempo function, allowing the user to quickly and easily get in sync in a live setting.

The Reptile 2 also features an enhanced set of Flutter controls, providing great retro-sounding, tape-delay ‘warble’.

Twister 2

We gave the Twister a face-lift based on user feed-back, and it has been completely updated with new hardware and software. The Light / Heavy switch has been removed and the Twister 2 covers a wider tonal range than the original Twister.

The new software update does the trick – by adjusting Depth, Tone and Rate, you can make Twister II deliver both old-fashioned vintage sound as well as a more modern chorus sound.

Tonebug Sustainer

The Tonebug Sustainer joins this growing line of T-Rex pedals built with a simple philosophy in mind: to offer the classic T-Rex tone found in our higher-end pedals, with intuitive, uncomplicated controls, at a price that any guitarist can afford. The Tonebug Sustainer first compresses the signal, and then applies gain to keep your tone playing.

The result is gorgeous, natural-sounding sustain for long-lasting power chords. Your tone is preserved, with no artificial colouring. Features Compression, Sustain, and Attack controls.

Free Guitar Effects App For iPad, iPhone, iShred Live

Frontier Design has released an updated to iShred Live – a free guitar effects app for the iPhone and iPad.


iShred LIVE app puts you in control of an amp simulator with variable overdrive, and starts you with three free built-in effects: the HK-2000 digital delay, the Q-36 Space Modulator/Flanger, and Buzz Kill, a noise gate and filter.

In addition to the killer effects, iShred LIVE gives you these essential guitar tools:

  • 48 user-defined presets set up as 8 color-coded banks of 6 nameable buttons
  • metronome with adjustable tempo, tap tempo, and selectable accent
  • chromatic tuner that helps you tune up quickly and accurately
  • looping music player lets you set up loops and play along with the songs in your music library – *great* for practicing favorite parts

To extend the range of tonal possibilities, these additional effects are available as in-app purchases:

  • Hot Fuzz (super fuzz pedal)
  • Sybil (dual chorus)
  • Trembler (variable waveform tremolo)
  • Adrenaline (adjustable treble booster)
  • Kömpressör (compressor pedal)

It’s a free download in the App Store.

T-Rex Engineering Intros Reptile 2 Delay Pedal

T-Rex Engineering has introduced the Reptile 2 delay effect pedal.


  • Tap Tempo – lets you match the speed of your delay effect to the tempo of your music – without ever missing a beat.
  • Enhanced Flutter section – introduces a touch of random-sounding “warble” to your delay for retro tape-effect sound.
  • The Tone control lets you take the top end off your delayed repeats for an even more authentic vintage tone.

How To Use Behringer Guitar Link With Guitar Rig 3 Software Edition

Hot to use Behringer Guitar Link with Guitar Rig 3 Software Edition (Review Sound Testing Overview)

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This is a basic explanation of using Behringer Guitar Link USB with Guitar Rig 3 Software Edition. You can see how it works and hear it in action. Very nice software and easy to use.

MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay

MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay

via ProGuitarShopDemos:

www.ProGuitarShop.com – The new MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay is one tasty delay echo pedal. Guitarists who have been missing the warm, thick sounds of 70’s bucket-brigade delay pedals will be delighted by the MXR Carbon Copy. The purely analog signal path preserves the warm and smooth tonal qualities and lets you get everything from short, sweet slapback echo to 600 milliseconds of cavernous, ghostly delays. The controls are quite basic. Even the most blockheaded guitar monkey should be able to figure the MXR Carbon Copy Delay out. Knobs controls are for Delay Time, Wet/Dry Mix, and Repeats. There is also a modulation button on top to add some shimmering, modulated goodness. Two internal trim pots control the width and rate of the aforementioned modulation. This is a great feature that really kicks this little echo pedal up a notch on the “lush-o-meter”. Other features of the Carbon Copy include a smart looking sparkle forest green finish, beautiful blue LED, and 9V battery or AC Adapter operation. Dig it…

Boss DD-20 Giga Delay Pedal

Boss DD-20 Giga Delay Pedal

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Probably the most advanced digital delay pedal for guitar players.

Effect Lesson Delay Boss DD6 Pedal Rockabilly Guitar Tone

Effect Lesson Delay Boss DD6 pedal rockabilly guitar tone

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www.nextlevelguitar.com Click the above link for our special 14DVD pack offer for our You Tube fans. In this lesson we teach how to set up a BOSS DD6 digital delay pedal to give you some cool rockabilly tones and more! Many more lessons at www.nextlevelguitar.com