Gibson Intros $5,570 Firebird X Guitar

Gibson has introduced The Firebird X digital guitar, a new guitar that applies digital technology to the traditional guitar.

The Firebird X features a lightweight body made from hand-sorted swamp ash, with a rock maple neck and curly maple fingerboard. The guitar is a bit more than six pounds in total weight. Special resonant chambers not only decrease total weight, but also allow acoustic-like tones and increased overall sustain.

The guitar is louder than a typical solid body with substantial tone from lowest bass note to highest treble note.

Check out the video for an intro to the Gibson Firebird X and below for a detailed list of the features. The Gibson Firebird X Digital Guitar lists for $5,570.

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Moog Lap Steel Looping Improvisation

Moog Lap Steel Explorations Part 2 – a live looping improvisation by Bill Walker, using the new Moog Lap Steel and Looperlative LP-1. 

The improvisation features the usage of the guitar’s onboard filters, and using an Ethos preamp for distortion, in tandem with the Moog guitar’s infinite sustain capability to get a high volume feedback response at a low volume,

The LP-1 is being controlled by a Gordius Little Giant MIDI controller and an iPhone using the OSC app and a Missing Link WiFi to MIDI adaptor.

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Line 6 Pod HD Desktop Guitar Effects (Review)

Here’s a quick review, via sonicstate, of the Line 6 Pod HD desktop effects processor:

Another Pod featuring the new HD Amp models from Line 6. 22 amps, 22 preamps, 16 cabs, 8 mics and 100+ stomps.

Amplitube 2 Guitar Software Quick Demo

Amplitube 2 Guitar Software Quick Demo

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Check out the great sounds from Amplitube 2 Enjoy Cheers

Guitar Standard Tuning

Guitar Standard Tuning

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PLEASE CLICK MORE INFO AND READ THIS Standard Tuning E,B,G,D,A,e The guitar isn’t out of tune so don’t say it is. I used a tuner while making this video and I used one after the video was made. I would know if it was out of tune. Okay, don’t complain about the distortion and blame the distortion for you tuning your guitar wrong. YOU tuned your own guitar wrong. Just practice a bit more and suck it up. If you have trouble because of the distortion then just use a tuner. Not a big deal. And if you’re holding a tuner to your speaker checking my video to see if I was in tune….. Why aren’t you using your tuner on your own guitar and then you bitch at me for tuning your guitar wrong. Not my fault, not the distortions fault, and it’s not YouTube’s fault… It’s your fault. The video is marked as xREDxGUYx at the end. Don’t say this isn’t my video because it is!!! xREDxGUYx is my old youtube account which I deleted. So please don’t try it!

Gibson Robot Guitar Features Automatic Tuning

Gibson Robot Guitar

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This is an instructional video for the new Gibson Robot Guitar due out December 7, 2007 the tuning mechanism is made by Tronical called powertune

Gibson Firebird X Guitar Will “Change The Music Industry”

Gibson has introduced a new guitar – the Firebird X Guitar – that the company says will “change the music industry forever.”

Gibson’s design goal for the Firebird X is to bring more creative options you while you’re playing.

To do this:

  • The user interface has become richer and simpler;
  • Fundamental musical effects are now available with a minimum of motion and disruption from playing the music;
  • The player is able to see what is happening with the guitar very easily, without disrupting his making music.


  • Very light, ultra comfortable and fast playing physical guitar
  • A turbo-charged Pure-Analog™ Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine with Goldtone FX™
  • Controlled by intuitive new guitar controls and wireless pedal controllers
  • A full package of Guitar Rig 4 and Gibson Ableton 8 Live software

The Firebird X has a suggested price of $5,570, and will be available on December 11, 2010.

Arcane Custom Pickups ’60s Tele (bridge) and Alnico 5 (neck) Demos

LA Amp Show ’10 – Arcane Inc Custom Pickups ’60s Tele (bridge) and Alnico 5 (neck) Demos

via premierguitar: PG’s Joe Coffey is On Location at the 2010 LA Amp Show where he swings by the Arcane Pickups room to check out a demo of Arcane’s 60s Tele (bridge) and Alnico 5 (neck). Arcane Inc pickups are custom, hand-wound pickups crafted by Rob Timmons. The company offers vintage-style replica pickups and specializes in distressed and antiqued looks. Timmons takes built-to-order requests. His pickups are standard in James Trussart’s steel-bodied guitars. For more LA Amp Show 2010 videos, or to view Premier Guitar’s COMPLETELY FREE digital edition magazine, be sure to visit http

Guitar Solo – Heavy Metal – Neo Classical – Testing Guitar Rig 3 + JamLab

Guitar Solo – Heavy Metal – Neo Classical – Testing Guitar Rig 3 + JamLab

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Enjoy It!!!

☺ David MeShow – Home Studio 2

☺ David MeShow – Home Studio 2

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Downloads MySpace http Twitter Facebook iTunes Thank you / Merci 😉 M-Audio: Cubase: EZdrummer: Addictive Drums: Guitar Rig 3: Pianoteq: PowerCore X8 Sony Vegas