Ultimate Guitar Tuner For iPhone

Ultimate Guitar has released a new guitar tuning tool for the iPhone – Ultimate Guitar Tuner.

Ultimate Guitar Tuner costs $1.99 and turns your phone into a digital guitar tuner.

The Chromatic Tuner features an accurate display for fast reliable tuning, and a library of alternate tuning settings. The ‘Brain Tuner’ plays rich string sounds for all the tuning options, so you can tune by ear, if you prefer.


  • Improved pitch detection algorithm
  • Alternate tunings
  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity
  • Mic level display
  • Switch between linear and non-linear tuning scales
  • Fine-tuning range increased
  • Orchestral tuning

It’s available in the App Store.

The TunerMatic Robotic Guitar Tuner – Is Guitar Tuning Really That Hard?

The TunerMatic is the lastest in the StringMaster line of Robotic guitar tuners

The TunerMatic automatically turns your guitar pegs to tune your guitar. According to the developers, “It is the only guitar tuner that tunes the guitar for you.”

Sounds pretty cool, but the promo video left me thinking – is tuning a guitar that difficult?

Guitar Tuner

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