Electro-Harmonix NYC Headquarters Tour

Electro-Harmonix NYC Headquarters Tour

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http://www.premierguitar.com PG’s Rebecca Dirks is on location in New York, New York, where she visits the Electro-Harmonix NYC headquarters and gets led on a tour by the company’s Founder and CEO Mike Matthews.

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Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo Review

This is a review and demo of the Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo – a digital tape echo pedal with accurate modeling and features to help create the nuances of old Tape Echo units.

The El Capistan dTape Echo retails for $299.

Features below.  Continue reading Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo Review

Guitar And Pedalboard/Effects Rig

Showcasing My Guitar And Pedalboard/Effects Rig (Demo)

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My entire guitar rig, August 2009. This video is meant as a “teaser” for gear demos to come.

Guitar Pedals Overview

Guitar Pedals Overview

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So I had a few people ask what guitar effects pedals I use and so here’s a quick overview of my pedal board. If you’re not sure at all about guitar pedals – which ones you should get and what they do, this may help out a little.

It’s by no means comprehensive! There are tons of pedals out there – these are just the ones I use.

The Effects Loop: A Practical Guide

A practical guide to the using the guitar effects loop. Continue reading The Effects Loop: A Practical Guide

D*A*M – Triple Sonic Titan Shoot-Out

D*A*M – Tripple Sonic Titan Shoot-Out Continue reading D*A*M – Triple Sonic Titan Shoot-Out

Empress – Tremolo

This video captures a demo of the Empress – Tremolo pedal.

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The Pigtronix Echolution

A demo of the Pigtronix – Echolution. Continue reading The Pigtronix Echolution